Homeless man dies alone on Christmas Eve

Homeless man dies alone on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve in Toronto a homeless man, 51, was found dead in front of the Loblaws on Carlton. He is the first homeless person known to have died as a result of the ice storm that froze the city. It has been confirmed that his first name is Richard.

The man has yet to be identified by authorities but was found with ID that indictated that he was a member of The Good Neighbour’s Club, a drop-in centre for elderly men in the downtown. There are also indictions that he may have stayed at Seaton House.

There are few details as to why the man was staying outside on Tuesday night. Many of the city’s homeless feel unsafe in the crowded shelter system. On Tuesday night 1,603 men had one of the 1,781 available beds according to Toronto city stats.

A source at Good Neighbours Club said that when the man registered with the centre a year ago he had housing. It is not known if he lost that housing during the year.

On December 30 Seaton House, a homeless shelter in the downtown, will be holding a memorial service for the man. When more details come in this information will be updated.

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